Planning a Corporate Golf Day?

What to consider when planning a corporate golf day

Golf Day at Settlers Run
Looking at raising money for a charity, sporting club or someone in need? Wanting to thank your staff and suppliers? Part of a group that just want to get together? A Corporate Golf Day is an easy, fun & enjoyable way to do this! Here are 12 things to consider below when planning a golf day!

  1. TARGET MARKET: Who will you be inviting? Suppliers, Employees, Team Mates, Anyone and Everyone? 
  2. OBJECTIVE: Do you want to raise money for a charity, thank employee’s for their hard work, network with your suppliers or team building for a football team? 
  3. WHERE: Where are most of your guests located? What is a central location for everyone to come to? Google Maps will help with this
  4. WHAT: Contact local golf clubs to receive there corporate golf packages then book in the best suited for your event. 
  5. BUDGET: Work out your budget, include green fees, prizes (most charity events can get these sponsored or donated), catering and any other extras you may be considering such as promo material (tops, hats etc;) 
  6. SPONSORSHIP: Create a sponsorship package for local business’ to sponsor your event. This is great exposure for them and also a way you create extra revenue. 
  7. TICKET PRICE: Once the above is sorted, work out a ticket price (We usually recommend adding $10 – $20 on top of covering costs to help raise more money) 
  8. ENTRY FORM: Create an entry form that clients can fill in. Sample can be found here 
  9. DISTRIBUTE: Pass this form onto friends, family, colleagues, team mates to fill in and return 
  10. MEET UP: Meet up with your Corporate Golf Day Manager to lock in all the details
  11. FINALISE: Sponsorship and team groups, collect any promotional material and drop to venue
  12. ON THE DAY: Meet and greet players, ticket them off on arrival and give them any welcome packs