Members Update – Cornavirus 18 March

Settlers Run Golf and Country Club

Members Communication 18th March 2020 – Coronavirus

Dear Members,
We thought it was important to update everyone on the Club impacts of what is a very confronting and fluid situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is obviously an unprecedented event that is impacting every person across many industries in Victoria, Australia and around the World.
The Board of Directors and Management is closely monitoring the situation, particularly with regard to Government and health expert directives and are in regular contact to discuss issues as they change. The Club supports the Government’s decision around mass internal gatherings of more than 100 people that was announced today, and we will adapt our approach to this latest advice as well as to further advice as circumstances continue to change in the coming months. The current bans will in particular have an impact on our delivery of service in the Food and Beverage operations. We will keep members informed as things evolve, however the Club operations remain open for now, subject to what is outlined below.

What we have done thus far:
 Regular contact has occurred with our OH&S representative on Coronavirus updates.
 Sanitising cleans are taking place at 3pm in each bathroom throughout the clubhouse.
 Personal health responsibilities and measures to stay safe in the workforce and at home have been communicated to all staff.
 Additional regular cleaning of public areas and sanitation spraying during the day is taking place.
 A Hand Sanitiser is now available at the reception entryway for everyone’s use. We are waiting on deliveries
to allow more hand sanitiser units to be deployed in the bar and proshop.
 Golf Australia’s communication has been shared with members in the Friday Five.
 Additional daily cleaning of the gym, pool and public areas has been initiated.
 A “take away” food menu for members wishing to support the club has been added.
 We are discouraging the use of cash in favour of tap and go for all payments.
 We have purchased Infrared Thermometers to check staff, members and guests.
New Changes being adopted effective immediately

The Board has approved the following changes and/or recommendations for member and guests utilising the Club’s facilities:
Clubhouse – social distancing measures:
 Club Bar tables will be restricted to 4 people per table at any one time, with the number of tables in
the bar/bistro area being reduced for a seating capacity of only 60. Tables are not to be joined
together in order to promote distance between patrons, noting Govt. recommendations on spacing of 1.5mtrs.
 More tables will be added to the outdoor dining areas as the restrictions for outdoor dining is still under 500 people.
 Members who may have partners or family members in isolation should consider not attending the Club for the period of their partner’s isolation in order to protect others.
 The Club will extend the restaurant into room 2 (where possible) to increase the space between
restaurant dining tables.

Golf Course – health and social distancing measures:
 There is no need to swap score cards – scores are checked and agreed upon on completion of the
round – if there is a dispute it is to be reported to the golf shop.
 In removing the PIN the person doing so is encouraged to wear a glove.
 Players should not travel together in a cart (it is permissible to have two sets of clubs on a cart with one player walking).
 Wear a glove when using a rake in bunkers.
 Flag sticks will be removed from the practice putting greens.
 Avoid the use of ball washers in favour of using a wet towel, or if ball washers do need to be used, hold the handle with either a towel or other protective covering.
 The air blower at the clubhouse will be removed.
 Try to avoid the use of taps and drinking fountains in favour of purchasing your own drink, which should not be shared. If you need to use the taps then handle the tap with some protective cover.
 Avoid handshakes, hugs and kisses.
 Steering wheels of club carts are to be disinfected when cleaned.
Thank you for your continued support of the Club, and please take care of yourself, family and friends.

Tim Hanton
General Manager
Settlers Run Golf and Country Club