Junior Development Program

In late 2023 SRGCC launched the new Junior Development Program featuring an Academy level, Development squad and Scholarship program. This exciting initiative aims to develop young golfers from an early age, creating a pathway for them to learn and grow as individuals and as golfers. Importantly, SRGCC is looking for these young graduates to come through the Settlers Run programs obtaining a handicap, learning about the game of golf, enjoying participating in Club competitions, making life long friends and enabling them to reach their full potential. 

The following information outlines the program, its benefits, and has links to the application form.

The Club is committed to ensuring that our young players have every opportunity to thrive and learn through a vibrant, fun and engaging Junior Development Program.


Our people are our greatest asset, and our young players are our future




Junior Golf Academy Program Stages 

  1. MyGolf, an entry-level program. 
  2. The Junior Academy – serves as the stage where players transition from MyGolf upon approval of their application. 
  3. The Development Squad – where skilled players are chosen to move and suggested for advancement from the Academy by the Head Coach, based on their performance. 
  4. Scholarship Program – Players qualify for promotion to the Scholarship program upon meeting the criteria established by the Head Coach and Chairman of the SRGCC Golf Academy Program. A sub committee sits to view these applications i.e. 1 x JDC member, 1 x Board Member, 1 x Coaching Staff.


This is the golf entry level or beginners’ program for 5 to 12 year olds.

The following will be accessible:

  1. “Come & Try Golf” Events – Complimentary sessions open to children aged 6 to 12, hosted by SRGCC staff, JDP Committee, and Senior Players.
  2. Program Participation Invitation Extended to:
    • Families of Settlers Run Club members,
    • Friends of Settlers Run, including families and local communities.

MyGolf is Australia’s junior golf program, providing lessons for beginners with a focus on games-based activities and fun, and supported by Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia.

Our objective is to instruct students in the essential techniques of striking the ball and familiarize them with the rules and etiquette of golf, facilitating their swift transition to playing on a golf course. Our coaches have devised engaging and technically demanding games suitable for all skill levels. These activities are intended to enhance skill proficiency, which will be assessed at the conclusion of each term.



The Academy is tailored to assist young golfers transitioning from MyGolf programs and advancing to master the art of golf at an elevated level. This program is inclusive of both junior boys and girls. Note: The Academy program will include components specifically designed for girls only, boys only, and mixed groups.


The Academy will help develop relations between Juniors and the Settlers Run Golf & Country Club. Within the Academy we will have two levels i.e.

  • Level 1 – joined from beginner level (MyGolf)
  • Level 2 – consolidated skill set.

The Academy will champion a balanced approach to golf for young players, emphasizing both on-course golf skills and off-course etiquette. This comprehensive strategy aims to instill juniors with enduring life skills that will positively shape their overall growth and development.

Academy Eligibility Criteria:

  • Participants must be under 18 years of age.
  • Membership at Settlers Run Golf & Country Club is required.
  • Prior involvement in either MyGolf Clinics or the Holiday Program (still MyGolf).
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of golf principles.

Academy Application Form



SRGCC is directing its efforts towards cultivating the next wave of golf enthusiasts, aiming to capture the interest of teenagers in a sport that offers outdoor recreation and concentration.

In pursuit of this goal, we’ve introduced a Junior Development Squad initiative, led by our Head Golf Pro and Development Squad coach. This program is tailored to hone the skills of adolescents aged 12 to 21 who seek to enhance their proficiency in golf. This group will include the top 10 junior players at the club.

The program for the Development Squad includes:

  • The club will host a Monthly Luncheon on a Saturday or Sunday for the squad, featuring a guest speaker who will share insights into their journey and the hurdles they’ve encountered. This initiative aims to provide the Development Squad with valuable perspectives, paving the way for their improvement as golfers.
  • Following the luncheon, a Group Clinic lasting 1-2 hours will be conducted, at no cost to the Squad.
  • A 9-hole Competition among squad members will take place after Coaching Clinic.
  • Furthermore, the Head Golf Pro will assign Homework Challenges aimed at enhancing their skills. This aspect will not only provide educational opportunities but also enrich the experience of the Development Squad, adding substantial value to their training.

The Scholarship Program

Settlers Run Golf & Country Club (SRGCC) invites applications for golfing scholarships under the SRGCC Junior Golf Development Program. Scholarships for golf can significantly impact aspiring athletes, providing them with the opportunity to pursue their passion for the sport.

Scholarships will be valid for one year only, extensions will be subject to the Junior Development Committee approval.

Scholarship recipients will be entitled to the following benefits at SRGCC:

  • Involvement in the Junior Golf Scholarship Program encompasses:
    • attending golf clinics,
    • receiving individual golf instruction x 12 per year from PGA Golf Coach,
    • Included in the 12 x monthly luncheon, skill/coaching, guest speaker and 9-hole challenge sessions,
    • undergoing fitness assessments,
    • practicing short game and long game techniques,
    • learning etiquette and rules.
  • Annual full club membership, courtesy of the club.
  • Complete access to golf course and clubhouse amenities, including golf balls & practice facilities.
  • Complimentary locker usage and Club storage each year.
  • Engaging in external golf tournaments such as National and State Championships and events, with financial support provided by SRGCC.
  • Participation in Senior Pennant for SRGCC.

Scholarship Application Form