Dress code, Etiquette & Course Care

Settlers Run Golf and Country Club



The golf course, driving range and putting green are subject to the dress regulations below and it is expected that members and guests will utilize facilities with a well-groomed appearance.


  • Tailored pants.
  • Tailored shorts (including skirts for ladies).
  • Men with shorts must wear either long socks or short socks, in plain white. Adornment with Golf Club monogrammed or brand name logos are permitted.
  • Men’s shirts MUST be worn tucked in.
  • Ladies shirts designed to be left un-tucked should be hip length.
  • Golf shoes (either soft spikes or spikeless) should be worn on the course and practice areas.
  • Runner style shoes are acceptable with a flat sole.
  • Closed in shoes must be worn at all times.


  • Cargo shorts.
  • Cargo pants.
  • Board shorts.
  • Hoodies of any type.
  • Football or sporting type shorts.
  • Tops displaying large motifs or advertising.
  • Shirts without collars (an exception applies to women’s attire and shirts that are specifically designed for golf).
  • Denim Jeans of any description.
  • Three quarter length pants (an exception applies to women’s attire).
  • Tracksuit pants/tops or any type of gymnasium attire (this includes ladies wearing tights).
  • Thongs, sandals, or bare feet.
  • Drawstring pants or shorts.
  • Caps should not be turned backwards or worn in the clubhouse.
  • Metal spikes are not permitted.

Young Children (under 10) accompanied by a Member will not be required to abide by the above dress code when using the practice putting green.

Exceptions to the above may be made due to medical reasons and or conditions.

Please note: Members are at all times responsible for the attire of their guests. Guests must be informed of dress requirements in advance to avoid embarrassment. The Board has instructed all staff to strictly enforce the above dress regulations and their judgment as to the suitability of attire shall be considered final.


The standard of dress for the above is smart casual. Conforming golf attire and golf shoes are acceptable attire in the Bar/Bistro area.


  • Muscle shirts.
  • Underwear style singlets.
  • Exercise attire.

Exceptions will be made for exercise attire, but excluding the Vue Resturant, if having a beverage post or pre workout.  Whilst sitting outside would be preferable, this would be dependent on weather. In cases of inclement weather (rain, cold or strong wind), sitting in the Bistro for a short time is acceptable, however meals will not be served.

  • Football attire.
  • Ripped or torn clothing are not permitted including denim jeans.
  • High-vis work wear.

Rubber thongs are allowed in the bistro/bar area and the outside deck only.  Rubber thongs are not allowed in the function rooms and VUE Restaurant at any time.

Please note: Those Members and or Guests who do not comply with the above will be refused service and asked to leave.

Country Club Facilities: Dress whilst using the Country Club facilities is swimming, tennis or exercise attire. Enclosed footwear is compulsory whilst using the Gymnasium.

Golf Course: Dress on the Golf Course and practice areas is smart casual and standard golf attire. T-shirts, tank tops singlets, denim jeans or tennis attire are not permitted on the Golf Course. In addition, shorts must be of a tailored style, shirts must be collared, with all attire to be in good repair. Golf shoes with metal spikes specifically, are not permitted.

Golf Course Etiquette

All players should take responsibility for the speed of play in their group, not just the low marker.

It’s not as important to complete your round in less than four hours, but rather to keep up with the group ahead. It is seen that an acceptable time to play the Settlers Run course is 4 hours and 20 minutes for 18 holes. Please consider the following when on the course.

  • Park your buggy on the exit side of the green, nearest to the next tee.
  • Mark your card on the next tee whilst other players are hitting.
  • Play a provisional ball whenever your ball may be lost. (It saves on considerable time to play a second shot that is not needed than to walk back five minutes later.)
  • Move your ball separately of other players, except when your ball is on the line to the green for another player.
  • Make your club selection and complete your practice swings before it is your turn to hit.
  • Stop searching for ball after five minutes. (Would you know when five minutes is up?)
  • Call the following group through when you feel your search for the ball is likely to delay them.
  • Leave the player with the lost ball to look on their own after one or two minutes (when the chance of finding it is remote) so as you can prepare for your own shot.
  • After putting, quickly declare whether marking or continuing. Immediate warning for the next person putting allows for early preparation for the other player.
  • Having completed putting, take the flag over, or be in a position to leave the green quickly.
  • Pick up immediately when you can no longer score for that hole in the competition.
  • Ask your guests in social golf to pick up if they are delaying the following group.
  • Politely ask the group in front to call you through if it is obvious they are delaying the field.
  • Keep track of the time taken for the round. ( e.g. playing in threes;1 hour and 10 minutes for 6 holes, 1 hour 55 minutes for 9 holes) and so on to ensure you are on track to comfortable golf and maximum enjoyment to those following.

Numerous practice swings, lengthy delays in lining up putts, pacing out distances prior to club selection, and viewing putts from all points of the compass are not sensible practices for the average golfer. If you are concerned about your ability to keep up in a field, consider playing at the end of the field.

Remember the importance of these points in the interests of total member enjoyment.

Course Care

  • Players must carry and use their sand buckets to replace divots
  • Players must repair their pitch marks and any others they find
  • Players must rake the bunker after playing their shot smoothing off all footprints and shot marksCourse Marshalls will attempt to ensure players are following these guidelines. If they ask you to do something please follow their instructions.
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