Unfortunately due to COVD-19 restrictions and limited weekend tee times, we are not taking on new members who wish to play on Saturdays. If you are is looking at playing more during the week, then yes we can still accept your application.

  • Please select your Membership Category. Fees are pro rata as of 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020
  • ONLY APPLICABLE FOR JUNIOR & YOUNGER MEMBERS Re-payable as a Clubhouse voucher after 12 months of continuous Membership - Must be paid up front
  • Please list any previous Golf Club you have been a member at
  • Please note your current Golf Links Number
  • If you are NOT a member at another golf club - then say yes
  • Do you know any current Members of the Club?
  • An induction and account payment must be arranged before your Membership becomes active. Please note your preferred time over the next 7 days Payment can be made at time of induction
  • I HEREBY APPLY for Membership in Settlers Run Limited (“the Company”) on the terms and conditions described in: 1. the Company’s Constitution (a copy of which is available upon request); and 2. any By-laws and Rules of the Company as determined by the Company’s Board from time to time.
  • I ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT: 1. the Company may reject this application without providing a reason; 2. if this Application is accepted, I will be sent an invoice for any applicable Joining Fee, Subscription Fee and Annual Clubhouse Levy; and 3. the Company may disclose my personal information to third parties in order to assess the merits of my Application, subject to the applicable privacy laws.
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