We are now open for new members to join.

  • Please select your Membership Category. Fees are pro rata as of 1st April 2022 - 31st March 2023
  • ONLY APPLICABLE FOR JUNIOR & YOUNGER MEMBERS Re-payable as a Clubhouse voucher after 12 months of continuous Membership - Must be paid up front
  • Please list any previous Golf Club you have been a member at
  • Please note your current Golf Links Number
  • If you are NOT a member at another golf club - then say yes
  • Do you know any current Members of the Club?
  • An induction and account payment must be arranged before your Membership becomes active. Please note your preferred time over the next 7 days Payment can be made at time of induction
  • I HEREBY APPLY for Membership in Settlers Run Limited (“the Company”) on the terms and conditions described in: 1. the Company’s Constitution (a copy of which is available upon request); and 2. any By-laws and Rules of the Company as determined by the Company’s Board from time to time.
  • I ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT: 1. the Company may reject this application without providing a reason; 2. if this Application is accepted, I will be sent an invoice for any applicable Joining Fee, Subscription Fee and Annual Clubhouse Levy; and 3. the Company may disclose my personal information to third parties in order to assess the merits of my Application, subject to the applicable privacy laws.
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